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Lavender and White

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Lavender and White

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Heather - Meg these
Name: Emoyplend2015-10-11 15:59:59
Heather - Meg these are beautiful! I saw this on your faocboek page and had to come look! then i realized i know this girl! she is SO great! what a wonderful idea! You are amazing. And Jaymie Looks stunning! Way to go!
If I had accidentall
Name: Trey2015-10-12 15:20:58
If I had accidentally<a href=""> silpped</a> about seeing a patient at the clinic, I may try a call interruption since many people keep their cell phones on vibrate. Depending on the placement on my cell, I may attend to interrupt our conversation with a quick I'm sorry I've been waiting for this call. It was very nice to see you and dash off. If I could not use my cel phone in a convincing way, then I might try to act as if I didn't hear her right. Maybe I heard when instead of where and replay something like Oh today and speaking of time, I need to get going before I'm late. Nice to see you again interruption and dash off.
That's a perfectly s
Name: Viiank2015-10-12 21:44:14
That's a perfectly sleindpd idea; I love Metropolis, but a thirty-second bunny version would accomodate my short attention span. Also, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. And what about other animals, such as sloths, gophers, and fish?Or Alien for Venus fly-traps with people as the aliens? [url=]zirrecvdxid[/url] [link=]frsjpcjwgu[/link]
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