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Me dull. You smart.
Name: Kelenna2015-10-09 16:42:18
Me dull. You smart. That's just what I neddee.
Well, congrats on yo
Name: Ajibaye2015-10-11 15:46:50
Well, congrats on your brakey, I hope its successful.With so many bakeries in the Philippines, you must set yourself apart from the others to attract customers. It is great that you recognize the needs/wants of customers and have the forethought to ask your question. I have noticed that very few small stores even care about customer service . I will offer what I would look for in a brakey.1. Well trained, friendly, courteous staff.2. Cleanliness.3. Consistency with products (quality and freshness of ingredients).4. Variety of items offered and maybe with a daily special 5. Product availability (make enough items so you do not run out).6. Have a signature item , something that you become noted for, like a great buko pie, cinnamon rolls, or fruit turnovers.I think you are on the right path, as you seem to care what your customers are thinking. Without customers, it is hard to be a successful business. I really do wish you success!
Joanna & Eric, beaut
Name: Jumaat2015-10-12 06:56:50
Joanna & Eric, beautiful <a href="">picrtues</a> of a lovely couple. I am so sad I couldn't be there. I am thrilled the day was as magical and wonderful as planned. Thank you for sharing this blog and the <a href="">picrtues</a>. Kimberly and I are so happy for you both.
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