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melanie400groom9 18 04

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melanie400groom9 18 04

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Elia, Annamaria & Il
Name: Desi2015-10-11 16:28:52
Elia, Annamaria & Ilaria (Daniela's Italian relatives) Two diereffnt continents a flight of 30 hours..4 diereffnt aircraft..13140 miles 195 days left but the luggage are already packed to enjoy your marriage and happiness ..Congratulations Ronnie & Daniela!!
Wim Krete9 - Sophie,
Name: Ardi2015-10-12 06:57:57
Wim Krete9 - Sophie,The pictures are <a href="">rellay</a> stunning!! You defenitly understood the secret message of Mirtiotissa (and its surroundings). Simply; A MAGICAL PLACE! Hope to see you again soon. I'm sure this wil certainly happen when you fell in love with that peace of earth the way we did. Good luck with youre plannes in France and say hello to Henry and Nicky for us!!Wim and Ester
Thank you dear col
Name: Merar2015-10-12 20:55:32
Thank you dear col , the award was a pleasant spurrise from a very sweet girl. Now you know a little more about me, well some of my views ... I am pleased that they made you smile. :)Yes the little sleeping cat gift is so cute, I'm sure Elia would not mind if I shared it if you would like a copy of the to you too dear frienddianne xoxoxo [url=]rvjagulrxee[/url] [link=]rwmgtokjp[/link]
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