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I would prefer to fl
Name: Sahil2015-12-19
I would prefer to fly becasue I want to get there faster but if you take a train ride, you can see a lot of America that you would not see if you fly. It really depends on how much time you have off.
Verdict: 7/10
it was now or a week
Name: Zouhir2015-12-20
it was now or a week from now because she is so busy with work and this is her only time. I let her come over iemmdiately on a holiday while I had company to pay for the application. She said we would know by the next day.Next day, the app wasn't ready and she asked for one more day. Day two she called at 5:30pm to let us know that a large $6000 debt showed unpaid (overpayment of unemployment pad off a year ago. She asked if we would pay a bigger deposit. I told her that the debt was paid and I would get confirmation in the morning. I let her know at 8:20am (20 business minutes after finding out about the issue) and told her it was resolved and I had the proof. She was busy with work and told me to email it which I did. She just called and let me know that they had already lost hundreds of dollars waiting around for me and were forced to go with another applicant.I only paid the $90 app fee because I knew we would get approved and she said it was only one applicant at a time. I iemmdiately complied with her request for more information. What recourse do I have? Can't I request a formal letter of denial? How can I be certain it isn't discrimination perhaps because it was repayment of unemployment benefits or something? [url=]yrvvkor[/url] [link=]dnditc[/link]
Verdict: 8/10

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