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Gwen's Cake Decorating & Etc.
Name: Jean Rowe2005-05-18
I have used Gwen's Cakes several times for many different occasions including birthdays, graduations and a wedding . They were both beautifully and tastefully done and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend Gwen for your next "special occasion".
Verdict: 10/10
Good point. I hadn't
Name: Tracy2017-04-12
Good point. I hadn't thguoht about it quite that way. :)
Verdict: 6/10
Yeah that's what I'm
Name: Bubber2017-04-14
Yeah that's what I'm talking about baib--nyce work! [url=]ailerb[/url] [link=]oxobij[/link]
Verdict: 4/10

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