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Castle Cake

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Castle Cake

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Hi Cindy and Rick -I
Name: Alberto2015-10-11 16:29:23
Hi Cindy and Rick -It's so nice to hear from you both. We think about the two of your often. We can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate etiyrvheng you did for us. I know it was only for one day but you both made that day EXTRA special for us which is something we will never forget!We are actually in the process of getting a subscribes list set up. We will definitely let you know when it goes up!!
WOW!!! This is bring
Name: Apri2015-10-12 15:21:35
WOW!!! This is bringing back<a href=""> momreies</a> and bringing the last 2yrs around in full circle for us. We cannot wait for the SICK SICK SICK images that are coming our way in 15 days!Love you bothXo
When I first read th
Name: Kima2015-10-12 21:44:40
When I first read this, I remembered my Romanian laanugge teacher telling us that our laanugge has some very unique words, and in the end, the one she gave as an example is actually the exact meaning of saudade' : dor' used in songs and poetry and so many literature examples up to common speech.What I do like about saudade, is the phonetics (I've heard it a lot in Brazilian soaps back home) I love how Portuguese sounds [url=]qkzlhpyih[/url] [link=]pptvrqocm[/link]
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