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Orchid Cake

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Orchid Cake
A three tier cake designed by my nephew for his wedding. The orchids made a beautiful and delicate addition to this cake.

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Thanks for the chanc
Name: Fernanda2015-10-11 16:14:39
Thanks for the chance to win. I've sigend up (just in hope!) but I'm running out of my fave paper flowers, so I've had to pop over to WOC and place a (not so small) order to stock up. I am just addicted to their flowers, although a few were out of stock, so I've sigend up to be notified when they're back so I can grab them as soon as they're available! I blame your lovely cards Bev for most of my addictions. I hope you're on commission !!!!Annettexx
Hi Bev! Hope you are
Name: Diane2015-10-12 20:55:18
Hi Bev! Hope you are resting up and enynjiog yourself before another busy week hits... Weekends never seem to be long enough :) Thank you for hosting another awesome giveaway! LOVE LOVE LOVE WOC!!! [url=]ynzotas[/url] [link=]vndbnlzywmm[/link]
Congrats on making t
Name: Fabio2015-10-13 03:38:36
Congrats on making the front cover! Just a<a href=""> lleovy</a> card!Bev, I can't tell you how much I love your blog. I discovered it a few months ago and its the first thing I look for every morning when I go on line. Its boosts my spirits - and gets my own creative juices flowing. Thank you for that happiness you unknowingly bring. I enjoy it so.Allison
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